Regional Mandate – final

Mandy Wilson, Hamilton, "A Sunny Day in the Park", 2010

L’Arche Ontario Regional Mandate 2011 – 2015

Approved June 10, 2011

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We celebrate with gratitude all that has been accomplished in the past four years. We have continued to grow in unity and stability and we are particularly grateful for the collaborative work done in the areas of recruitment, outreach, the arts, and the development of our commitment to solidarity. We look forward to integrating the ongoing work begun with the Core Gifts and Renewing our Core processes as a way of renewing us in our mission and strengthening our commitment and our desire to grow.

Our communities continue to face a changing social service system where the needs of many people with intellectual disabilities remain unmet. We are called both to build our capacity for growth and to continue to collaborate with L’Arche Canada and others. The experienced and respected voice of L’Arche in Ontario has an important role to play in advocating for all people with intellectual disabilities in Ontario.

Inspired by the gifts of our members and our lived experience, we enter this next phase of our journey together committed to creating a common desired future, one that continues to affirm and support the gifts of our members and one that engages the values of L’Arche with society.

As we live this new mandate we do so with the strong desire to build on the bonds of friendship and support that have developed in the past years within the region. Over the next four years, L’Arche in Ontario is committed to these four goals:

1. Announcing the Gifts of People with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Support and affirm the meaningful participation of core members in the community and regional life of L’Arche; and
  • Continue to encourage and support the gifts of core members and to facilitate their meaningful contribution to society.

2. Developing and Strengthening Supports and Services

  • Deepen the reflection on our Identity and Mission in order to strengthen our daily life, decision-making and other processes, and, in particular, the way in which we live the balance between community life and providing funded services;
  • Develop unified, strategic responses to key issues with the Ministry of Community and Social Services;
  • Support the Standards Project in developing new common policies for the region;
  • Support communities to build the capacity to welcome new people; and
  • Explore the possibility of founding new communities in Ontario.

3. Strengthening Commitment and Leadership

  • Foster the development of membership processes in local communities;
  • Develop the leadership of board members and support communities in board succession planning; and
  • Develop community leadership and support communities in leadership succession planning.

4.     Announcing L’Arche and Raising Its Profile in Ontario

  • Work with L’Arche Canada initiatives to develop communication strategies, including social media, to have a stronger and more effective voice in recruitment, fundraising, developing position papers and speaking out more in public forums; and
  • Foster new ways to collaborate – with other social service organizations, with the business community, with schools and churches – to share resources and to build new relationships.