L’Arche Canada Solidarity Program

Each region in L’Arche Canada has been asked to develop a relationship with certain L’Arche communities in Latin America. All 9 L’Arche communities in Ontario are paired with the 2 L’Arche communities in Honduras: Teguicigalpa (the capital of Honduras) and Choluteca (a smaller rural town near the river).

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A Brief History of the Communities in Honduras

The first home in Tegucigalpa was opened in 1976, there are now two homes casa Nazaret and casa Isabel. There is also a workshop, which extends L’Arche in to the wider community. Five main products produce a source of revenue and meaningful activity for the core members who work there.

In Choluteca, the first home was opened in 1986 – casa San Jose – and the second home was opened in 1999 – Hogar Flor Del Tempo. There are three workshops in Choluteca. In the main workshop there are 16 participants and they all take part in making different products including hammocks, cutting boards, aprons, lufas, mops, and head bands. The other two workshops only have three participants in each, these workshops make earrings and cards and also do a lot of therapeutic work.

Connection with L’Arche Ontario

Members of L’Arche communities in Ontario support the 2 communities in the south with financial assistance and visits. In March 2011, two members of L’Arche Toronto, Robert and Danielle, traveled to Honduras to experience the rich and vibrant culture of their Central American hosts.

Some of the members of L'Arche Honduras, 2011 with Robert and Danielle from L

Danielle and Robert from L'Arche Toronto visited L'Arche Honduras, March 14 – 23, 2011