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L’Arche Ontario: Mandate 2015 – 2019

June 17, 2015

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We are grateful for what we have lived in the past 4 years. We are united and work well together. We like to be together in retreats, formations, and other regional activities.

  1. Servant Leadership

    Celebrating the Value of Each Person

    • Support everyone to discover and use their gifts
    • Create space for learning, building trust and living the Mission
    • Learn about and use the Servant Leadership icons
    • Get to know our Board members better and help them learn more about L’Arche
  2. Outreach

    Share Our Spirit

    • Talk about L’Arche, share our spirit with people in our city
    • Talk about L’Arche to make new friends & connect with other organizations
    • Use the internet to tell people about L’Arche
  3. Mission and Growth

    Embrace and Share the Mission

    • Share our gifts with our churches and faith communities
    • Build new friendships, welcome new members, and be a place of belonging