Mandate 2015 – 2019


L’Arche Ontario: Mandate 2015 – 2019

June 17, 2015

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“Enlarge the space for your tent and let the curtains of your tent be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes and strengthen your stakes.” ~ Isaiah 54:2

“We need new gestures which bear witness to the authenticity and the sincerity of our hearts.” ~ Jean Vanier

We reflect with gratitude for what we have lived in our region over the last four years. We are thankful for our rich regional life and togetherness as shown through our many celebrations, formations and retreats. Our unity continues to be revealed through our collaboration in the areas of common policies and forms, Individual Support Plans and the introduction of Servant Leadership.

Recognizing the last years have been a time of transition, we are most appreciative of the dedicated support from our leaders. As we begin this new mandate, we are called to respond, with wisdom, to the new directions in support that we see in our sector. While strengthening our relationships with outside agencies and families requiring support, we commit to preserving the values of the L’Arche model of sharing life in communities.

In solidarity with the Federation and L’Arche Canada we uphold three main themes in our new mandate: Servant Leadership, Outreach, Mission and Growth.

  1. Servant Leadership

    • Support integration of Servant Leadership vision and practices in all aspects of community life for all members.
    • Facilitate standard use of Servant Leadership tools.
    • Develop an orientation/formation program for Board members to strengthen their understanding of the vision, values, and Identity and Mission of L’Arche.
    • Ensure integration of Servant Leadership in regional events and model the promotion of core members’ leadership gifts.
  2. Outreach

    • Identify and develop resources to support communities in their outreach initiatives.
    • Encourage communities to further develop their fundraising skills and efforts.
    • Investigate ways to maintain and strengthen our partnerships with other organizations to continue our contribution as advocates for people with intellectual disabilities.
    • Enhance L’Arche Ontario’s visibility by developing a social media strategy in collaboration with L’Arche Canada.
    • Promote the gifts of core members to announce the vision and values of L’Arche in the wider community.
  3. Mission and Growth

    • Support communities to embrace the diversity of spiritual practices and to promote meaningful inclusion of members in their faith communities.
    • Encourage communities to utilize essential L’Arche practices (Key Traditions, Servant Leadership) to affirm the essence of our Identity and Mission.
    • Assist communities in discerning alternative models and develop a clear message about the gifts of our current model.
    • Develop Regional and Community capacity to build our relationships with families, community groups and sister agencies, with the goal of creating meaningful partnerships.
    • Explore how the use of our gift of welcome could create more places of belonging, especially for those who are alone and isolated.
    • Strengthen relationships, communication and collaboration across all levels of L’Arche, especially with L’Arche Canada Growth Coordinators.