Growth in Ontario, by John Guido, 2014

Last year at the National Council, Hollee Card shared this picture of a bridge in Choluteca, Honduras. It is still standing after Hurricane Mitch, but the river has moved. It’s a solid bridge, but it is a bridge to nowhere. L’Arche at all levels is exploring new ways for growth of the ways we share […]

L’Arche International General Assembly – June 2012

L’Arche International, a federation of over 130 L’Arche communities celebrates together twice each decade with delegates attending from each community. This year over 500 participants took part in a wonderful jam-packed week together in Decatur Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Patrick Fontain and Eileen Glass, were confirmed as the new International Leader and International Vice-Leader […]

Me and Mel –a journey of discovering and living the mission – John Guido, 2011

~ John Guido, Regional Coordinator for L’Arche Ontario We met in 1985, when I came to live at L’Arche Daybreak where Mel had been living for 13 years. Mel was 43, has a developmental disability and is legally blind; I was 23, a graduate of Notre Dame University and had just left the seminary. Both […]